Hallo, I am Binti Wasik from XII J, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

 Do you remember our Flat ' Si Panigaran' which has been published by our friends before?

Now, ' Si Panigaran' is in 'Pancasila Monument, Bandung. It s not far from our school. Pancasila is a Five Principles of our country, Indonesia

'Si Panigaran and me wanted to get into a traditional carriage which is pulled by a horse.

It is one of traditional vehicles that can be found in Bandung. We called it 'Delman'

The picture was taken in the main gate of Post Office Museum in Bandung.

Here, we can see and learn much more about many kinds of stamps from centuries.


This picture showed that we are in public park in Gazibu, Bandung.

 It is situated in front of Sate Building where  the office of Governor of West Java is located.

 On Sunday morning, most people from Bandung come to this place for doing some sport and  shopping.

Shopping ? Yes. Because there are sales of many kind of clothes and other souvenirs.

This picture was taken in 'Lokantara Budaya' building. 'Si Panigaran' wanted to know what we can see inside.

This is my best friend,  Syarina. She holds 'Si Panigaran'  inside 'Lokantara Budaya'.

 It is a place where we can watch some Traditional Sundanese Dances.

 This building is also used for other art performance especially which is related to Sundanese Culture.

Wow ... It is puppet or people from Bandung called it 'Wayang Golek'.

 Puppet show is played by a person who is called 'Dalang'. There are many characters of puppet and they wear colorful cloths.

 It is funny, isn't it? Puppet can be bought here for souvenirs.

This picture is in the other side of 'Pancasila' Monument. It is still in the area of Public Park, Gazibu

'Si Panigaran' and me took a picture in RRI Bandung.  Do you know what it is?

It is a central of Indonesian Radio Broadcasting. It is not far from Gazibu. This is an ancient building with full of stories

Composed by :

Binti Wasik from XII J, V-09 SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia