Hi, I am Syarina from XII J, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Last Sunday,  I took 'Si Panigaran' to a public park in Bandung. People in Bandung called it Gazibu Field.

 It is in front of Satae Building, the centre of Government Office of West Java. Behind us is a part of Satae Building.

Satae Building is a pride of people not only from Bandung but also from West Java.

This building has specific roof looks like Satae. Do you know Satae? It is specific food from Indonesia.

 It is very delicious. Do you want to try? Come to Indonesia and taste it.

 This picture was taken in front of Sate Building while in front of us is Gazibu Field.  

'Si Panigaran' and Me are in Islamic Centre in Bandung. It is not far from Satae Building.

 In this place there are a lot of Muslim's activities.

 This building has a lot of rooms and big halls where the conference and meeting for Muslim are held.

The hall can be rented for the party especially for wedding party.

Now, we are in the Lokantara Building, where art performance is always held.

 In the announce board we can read that there will be a performance on Sunday.


These two pictures were taken in the other part of Satae Building.

 Everybody who visits Bandung always take the picture here.

Beside its function as the Governor Office and the office of The Local House of Representatives,

  it is also a unique building and it is one of the historical buildings in Bandung. Don't miss it if you go to Bandung.

We are in the area of Islamic Centre, in Bandung. It is a large area.

 Although the building is new building, the design is different from other buildings.

 No building in Bandung designed like this building.

This picture was taken in Gazibu Field. We want to get into the carriage which is pulled by a horse

. But the people are very crowded. They re doing some sport on Sunday morning and some other are busy shopping.

 It is very noisy and  crowded. The streets are full of the sellers who come from other part of the city.

We are in front of Geology Museum. It is located on Diponegoro Street not far from Satae Building.

Inside the Museum, we can find many kinds of ancient things related to geology. Beside that we can see fossil of Dinosaurs here.

'Si Panigaran' met a little boy who was playing football with his father. He liked 'Si Panigaran' and He liked him too.

Composed by :

Syarina from XII J, V-09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.