Hello, Friends. We are Reggy and Risa from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Remember our Flat 'The Winner'? In this occasion the winner had a trip with  us.

 Last week, we took 'The Winner' to a Sundanese restaurant in Nagrek.

It is about 20 km East Bandung. It is one of Sundanese Restaurants in West Java which is interesting to be visited.

 The restaurant not only serve  the delicious food and drink but also offer us a lot of games. 

This Restaurant serves a special rice which is called 'nasi liwet'. It is cooked and served traditionally.

We and 'The Winner' enjoyed our meal. The menu was so special with tofu, 'tempe mendoan' , salt fish and some vegetables.

Of course, we never forgot chili sauce which is very hot. We ordered orange juice and cucumber juice with lime squash for our drink.

In this location, there are lots of small huts, unique Sundanese hut for four or more people.

Sundanese call it 'SAUNG'. Visitor or customers order their meal from here and the waiters come to serve them.

 You can feel the weather is very fresh and the scenery is very beautiful.

 Most visitors like to be in 'saung' better than in the main building

Look! Risa and 'The Winner' took a picture with a little girl who will enjoy playing the Flying Fox.

Flying Fox is one of any games in this playground of the restaurant.

If you want to try this game you have to pay Rp. 15.000. It is about $ 1,40


In this area, there is a n unique bridge with leaves along it. Sometimes, we can find small reptiles like  lizards here.

'The Winner' looked happy with Reggy and Risa.

'The Winner' tried to help Reggy and Risa make handicrafts . The use brown clay to make it.

If we want to make handicraft  for ourselves, and want to take it home, we have to pay. 

Young children have to pay fifteen thousand rupiahs, Junior High School Students have to pay twenty thousand rupiahs,

Senior High School Students have to pay twenty five thousand rupiahs and for adults thirty thousands rupiahs. Do you want to try?

This is one of the craftsmen who showed us how to make a tea pot. 'The Winner' was very happy because Reggy and Risa took him to this place.

Behind us, you can see a fire place for baking the formed clay.

Do you like riding horses? You can go here but don't forget to pay ten thousand for thirty minutes.

This place is so special for people around Bandung because we can taste delicious food and drinks,

 make handicrafts we want, ride a mount horse and enjoy panorama about  green wet rice fields, mountain, river and small water fall.

It is our adventure with 'The Winner' 

Composed by :

Reggy and Risa from XII J0V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia