Hallo, everybody. We are students of Five Senior High School (SMAN 5) Bandng, West Java, Indonesia.

From left to right, Arya, Khalis, Iqbal and Hikmat. Our school has a lot of Flats, among others are,

Kuda Lumping, Juragan, Kartini, Den Bagus, Sangkuraiang and many more. Now, here is ours. It's name is 'ACUN'.

Why we named it 'ACUN, because it is one of popular names from Sundanese Culture.

Pictures below were taken in Budapest, Hungary. The man with 'Acun' is Nara, Arya's cousin who is studying in Budapest to take his Master degree.

Nara was graduated from SMAN 5 Bandung, in 2003.


This picture was taken at Chain Bridge Lanc Hid. Acun was very excited because Nara took him around


Here is the other side of  Chain Bridge Lanc Hid.

Can you see the big lion on the top of the bridge? It is not a really lion. It is a symbol of this bridge.

Still in area of  Chain Bridge Lanc Hid. Nara and Acun wanted to show us how fantastic this place is.

Do you know what season it is? I think it is Autumn. Look! Some trees with no leaves. It is the first time for Acun to travel in Autumn.

Wow....... How clean the river is. It is Danube River.

I think Acun and Nara wanted to ask everybody in Indonesia to keep our environment clean like we see in this picture.

When the river is clean it can give us a lot. 

It is Zrinyi Street. The street is very clean and no cars. Everybody leave their cars in the public parking area.

This picture was taken in St. Stephen Basilica.

We don't know exactly what it is because Nara didn't give us more explanation about the pictures

Nara and Acun took a picture with a sculpture in the area of St. Stephen Basilica

Now Acun and Nara were in the Roosevelt Park

This picture was taken on the other side of Roosevelt Park

Arya's cousin sent these pictures by e-mail.

Composed by :

Arya, Khalis, Iqbal and Hikmat from XII J-V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.