Banana Skin Art

FLATSTANLEY  Painting with Those=Recycle

 written by nana,  grade 9


Do you like painting? There are a lot of materials that you can use to paint something. You can use coloring pencil, crayon, water paint or oil paint.
But have you painted with gedebog pisang before? Gedebog pisang (Pisang=banana) is the old skin of banana tree’s trunk that have become browned and dry. Gedebog pisang has a lot of brown color, from the lightest brown to the darkest brown. Maybe you think that it’s impossible to make picture with those trashes, right? But this thing really has been done in Indonesia, and the forerunner is Mr.Jawoto Prapto  . This activity is always been doing at Ora et Labora BSD School in Indonesia, after the school time every Wednesday.

Painting with gedebog pisang is the new way to recycling. From this gedebog pisang which usually always has been thrown away, Mr.Jawoto Prapto or also always being call Pak Dee (Indonesia nick name to the oldest), can make so many wonderful picture, from the panorama picture, cat picture, dog picture, and even the Last Supper picture. The entire picture that has been made has sepia format, because the color of gedebog pisang is all brown.

How can we make a picture by gedebog pisang? Of course you not use it as a paint brush! First, we use scissors to cut the gedebog pisang, and then we combine and stick them on a triplex, so it’ll build a thing, like water, tree’s trunk, mountain, cloud, animals’ face and even humans’ face. Because gedebog pisang has a lot of brown gradation, we can make effect and highlight in our picture, too, unless we creative in combining the color.
Not only Pak Dee that can make a wonderful picture from these gedebog pisang! Some of Ora et Labora BSD’s “Painting-with-Gedebog-Pisang club” members are have been succeed to finishing their pictures. And their pictures can be compared with Pak Dee’s pictures.

Can you in another country do it too? Yes, of course you can! If you have banana trees around your house, just pick the old banana trees’ trunk skins that have dry and have brown color. Choose some that have texture and motive like what you want to make. Example, if you want to make water, you must choose the one that have wavy texture or motive like water. Cut them like what you want to them be, then stick it on the triplex. Add some trunks, mountain, sky, and clouds. If the picture is done, frame it with a natural look wood frame. Put it on your bedroom’s wall. Voila! There is your first gedebog pisang picture and recycling activity!