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Flat Angela




Hi... We are the first year students from Saint Angela High School Bandung. We are (from left to right) Stephani, Raeza, Clarissa, and Dania. We take pictures with Mr. Flat in front of Monument 0 “zero” Km, Bandung. Now, we want to tell you about this monument. You can find that monument on Jalan Asia Afrika, in front of the governmental office. Jalan Asia Afrika is one of the biggest streets in Bandung.



Flat takes a photo in Monument 0 Km. This monument is officially declared on 18 May 2004 by the Governor of West Java, Mr. Danny Setiawan. In fact, this monument has been there since ahead but just declared as monument in 2004.

At the top of the monument, there is a kind of vehicle named “setum”. The “setum” is used to smooth down roads that have been asphalted, which is operated by using coal fuel. Now, this “setum” has not been used again.


When Indonesia was being colonized by the Dutch, Governor General Daendles had stuck a wood stick here and say "Zorg, gebouwd is stand een hier kom terug ik als dat.". It means “Try, if I come to this place again, this place has been a town.” That is the reason why this monument is built up here now.



In front of this monument, there is a sign representing early calculation of street distance in Bandung.




Let us introduce our Flat Angela.