Hi, Friends. My name is Ni Putu Nadia. Most people think I am from Bali but it is not.

 I am from Lombok Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province. It's capital is Mataram.

Lombok is near Bali. and it is rather the same width as Bali.

Although my family come from Mataram, Lombok, I study in SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

 Last month, when my Mom went to Lombok, She took 'Kuda Lumpiong' with her.

This is my Mom with 'Kuda Lumping'. They have just arrived at Selaparang Air Port, Mataram.

They look very tired after a long trip from Bandung.

This picture was taken in front yard of my house in Mataram.

'Kuda Lumping' walked around my house and he looked very happy because it was the first time for him to go to Lombok.

 Lombok is as exotic island as Bali. Most Foreign tourists go to Lombok now because Bali is crowded

'Kuda Lumping' and My Mom are in the city central of Mataram. Behind them, we can see Mataram Mall.

It is not crowded like Jakarta or Bandung so there is no traffic jam here.

This place is a city - park. It is called 'Sangkareang' Park. The park is not far from the mall

If you go to Lombok, don't forget to visit the famous beach. It is Senggigi beach.

Senggigi beach is as beautiful as Kuta beach in Bali. Although the sun shines very hot, the scenery is very beautiful. 

'Kuda :Lumping' and my mom are in the Narmada Park.

Narmada Park is not only a historical place but also a recreational place.

 It was originally built as a ritual Balinese replica of Lake Segara Anakan on mount Rinjani.

Water of Narmada is believed can slow the aging.

'Kuda Lumping' and my mom are in the handicraft workshop. There are a lot of handicrafts can be bought as souvenir.

 It is located in Bayon.

This picture was taken in Meru Temple. It is the religious building for Hindus.

I usually pray there with my family and friends. Near Meru Temple, there is Mayura Park.

From my house, we can walk to go there.

'Kuda Lumping' is with Mr. Hakim who works as guard - school of that building

. O ...ya it is my school when I was in Junior High School. It is located near Sangkareang Park.

Composed by :

Ni Putu Nadia X A-V11, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.