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Hi, I am Denissa. The picture is taken in my classroom. In my left is Mrs. Ida, my English teacher and in my right is Mrs. Tati , my Indonesian teacher. And the handsome boy is my classmate, M. Hidayat. I'll tell you about our travelling in the last holiday. I visited my parents who work for PT Freeport. in Papua (West Irian). While my friend, Hidayat visited his parents in East Kalimantan. Hidayat's parents work for Oil Company there.

On  last Holiday, my sister and I visited my parents in Tembagapura, Papua and our flat Kuda Lumping  joined us. This picture is taken at Lupa Lelah Club. It is a famous restaurant in Tembagapura, especially for the visiters  Can you imagine how big the tire is, and our Flat and I are standing  in front of it.


Flat Kuda Lumping and me are standing in an original bridge in Hidden Valley, Tembagapura, Papua. Below us is a small river. Around us, you can see a beautifull landscape of Hidden Valley. The bridge is designed with traditional art. It is only found in Tembagapura. You find most foreigners here, because  PT Freeport employ a lot of foreigners.



Kuda Lumping and I are standing beside the Asmat traditional art. Asmat is one of etnics in Papua which is famous for its traditional craft. In the souvenir shops, you can buy the small ones as gifts from Papua. And behind us, there is a local hospital.


The man and the women are original people from Papua. We took the picture with my friend and our flat. The original people from Papua have different skin from other islands in my country. They have the black skin like African people. Although we are different in rase, we are one, as our national motto "Unity in Diversity".



Flat Kuda lumping visited Monument Perjuangan on Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Balikpapan. East Kalimantan.This Monument has historical story especially for original people of Kalimantan. Because Perjuangan means struggling againsts enemies.   It is also the pride of us. Don't forget to visit this monument if you go to Kalimantan.



Our Flat is in action in front of General Sudirman Monument. It is located opposite of Monument Perjuangan.  Have you visit Balikpapan? Look, The street  is very clean and tidy. It is a symbol of our city, Balikpapan, Kota Beriman





This picture is taken from the other side of Monument Perjuangan. Our Flat is very happy  to visit my lovely  home town, Balikpapan. Spend your holiday here . O K.


Composed by Denissa Nathania K. and Muhammad Hidayat from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.