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My Holiday


Hallo… My name is Karina Sukoco, but people around me usually call me Karin.I was born in Karawang,16, June.I live in Hos Cokroaminoto, Gg Flamboyan 2 Rt7/7. Now, I study in SMAN1 Karawang at the first grade. I will story about my holiday in Bandung now .

During my holiday season before Ramadhan I have visit my grandfather in Bandung. At that time my aunt take me around the city. There is I went to the Gedung Sate which it was government central building of west Java at Diponegoro street. It was called Gedung Sate because at the top the building tower







there was an ornamen like sate. I’m really like the building and the garden around the building was very nice. So I decided to take a picture there with Stanley my friend.

After that I came to Post Office Museum. The location near Gedung Sate. Inside there we can saw so many stamps which came many from and our country, uniform dress for post office, mail box, a lot of filatelis.

From Post Office Museum, I went to Geologi Museum, the location was near to so we went there by foot. Inside the gallery we can saw the history of life it is the evolution of life since its

very primitive from to a modern one, Geologi of Indonesia an explanation for the origin of the earth and the tectonic setting of Indonesia archipelago Geologi for human life, the role of geologi in the human life is exemplified. Many kind has been utilizing geological materials as raw materials of their tools and or other necessities in their life, starting from a simple from in prehistoric age to sophisticated ones in modern time. So I was very happy can saw many build in Bandung. I hope I will see it someday.


So I had finished the story my holiday and Thanks for attention