Last year, Mr. and Mrs. Marsel had a trip to Europe. Our Flat 'Kuda Lumping' joined them.

That was the first time for 'Kuda Lumping' to visit Europe. This picture was taken in Roma.

Behind them is Pisa Tower which is the famous tower in Italy

They are still in area of Pisa Tower. You can see on the right side of the picture, there is one of the 7 wonder and it is called a Pisa tower.

Mrs. Marsel took a picture with students from Bologna, Italy. They greet our Flat 'Kuda Lumping'.

 Can you see? How happy our flat is among them

Wow! ! . That 's great.. Our Flat 'Kuda Lumping'  is trying hard to push  the tower in order not to fall down.

Do you agree? It is helped by Mr. and Mrs. Marsel.

It looked like as if "Kuda Lumping' had pushed the tower. Exactly, they could'.....

It is a nice journey. They are still in Roma. The building standing behind is Pisa Tower

Hi, It's Flat 'Kuda Lumping' from Bandung,  West Java, Indonesia and this picture was taken when he was in Italy.

It's a really a nice country. You can see in the picture when they were traveling around the city by a bus without roof.

So Mr., Mrs. Marsel and Flat 'Kuda Lumping' could enjoy the scenery in the city

Look! They took a picture with one of students from another country. She was also a tourist like me.

It was a very an interesting trip for them. Do you want to join them?

Here we go. ... another fabulous place in Italy.

This is a picture of Mrs. Marsel and our Flat  with tourists from Japan. They are enjoying their trip.

Look! Flat 'Kuda Lumping' is in Rome Mrs. Marsel and 'Kuda Lumping are in front of the famous Colosseum.

"Kuda Lumping' looks very happy to be there.

It's time for Venice!

' Kuda Lumping', Mr. and Mrs. Marsel are standing at St. Marks Square.

Look at the background view, It's a famous Doge's Palace and St. Mark's Cathedral!

Wow !!!! How amazing it is to be in Italy, taking pictures with the so-called street musician.

She uses some glasses as media of playing music.

'Kuda Lumping' , Mr. and Mrs. Marsel must have had a good trip.


Composed by : Nadia, Fitrie, Astrie and Pangeran

 From  SMAN 5 (Senior High School) Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.