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Flat Intang

12th March 2005



We are the explorer team from Macassar City, Indonesia. The members are Flat Intang, Gaby, Aze, and Noe.

Part One : Going to Coto Restaurant…

Hosh…Hosh…” said Noe, “Well, it’s the HOTTEST day I ever felt !!!”

It’s 12.00 pm. It’s natural if you feel so hot, I think” said Gaby.

And I think Flat Intang is going hungry, let’s hunt some food” said Aze. (ketupat)

Hey, there is a Coto Restaurant over there. Come on! Hurry up !” said Noe.



Coto is one of the special foods in Macassar. It’s made from buffalo’s meat and spicy broth. Coto is eaten with “ketupat” (rice covered by pandanus leaves and cooked together). (coto)

Ohh, it’s so delicious! I want more !” said Flat Intang.

Hey, hey, we don’t have enough money !” said Noe loudly.

OK! Let’s go to the second place !” shouted Aze and Gaby.


(Noe, Flat Intang, Gaby, Aze)