Tugu Pahlawan, a Historical Monument


On Thursday, March 10th, 2005 I went to

Tugu Pahlawan on Jalan Pahlawan

in Surabaya. Tugu Pahlawan was built

in 1994 by Ir.Sugeng Gunadi, and was

legaled by Mr. Abdul Wahid on February 19th 2000.

I went together with my friends, my teachers,

and Mr. Flat Stanley by car. We were really happy. 

We could imagine how beautiful there.


A woman helped us and told the story about

the heroes stones there. She was so kind and

made us understand about the heroes stones.

We also listened to the speech of Bung Tomo,

the leader of Arek-arek Suroboyo.

He was a strong man.


Then we went to the second floor  to see many

ancient things, such as: guns, diorama statis,

and an old-fashioned radio used by Bung Tomo

to burn the spirit of Arek-arek Suroboyo.  Those

things were used to fight another country

that wanted to take the Indonesia’s freedom.

The diorama tells about:

a.     The Establishment of the people’s security

organization and resistance militia. Organization

on Bubutan street, Sept 4th, 1945.

b.     The Flag Incident at Yamato Hotel, Sept 19th,1945.

c.     The Establishment of the Indonesia National

Commitee, August 27th,1945.


One thing that made us admire was watching the film about       Indonesia’s  war  against Dutch and British.

About 12 in the afternoon we left the museum and went back to school. We were really happy, we would never forget it. And we would like  to thank for Indonesia.






                                                PETRA 13 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL