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Learning to Help Others through “Tiwisada”

Tiwisada, which means little doctor, is one of the favorite extra curriculums in Petra 10 Christian Elementary School. Not all students in the school can join “Tiwisada”. The ones who would like to join “Tiwisada” should fulfill some requirements as follows :

  • The students belong to the 4th or 5th grade.

  • The students have good achievements in the study.

  • The students are responsible and can be a leader.

  • The students have clean and healthy living.

  • The students have good moral and willingness to help others.

  • The students are permitted to join the extra curriculum by their parents.

Tiwisada is taught by a doctor and a teacher (as the assistance). The activities are not only learning the theories but also practicing. The cadres practice to measure the weigh, height, blood pressure, and body temperature, and also to give the first aid for other students who are hurt or have broken bones.

These are the tools needed and steps to handle a broken thighbone patient : Tools :

  1. 1 long splint

  2. 1 medium splint

  3. ± 7 clean napkins

Steps :

  1. Put the long splint beside the body (from the armpit to the heel).

  2. Put the medium splint between two legs (from the thigh to the heel).

  3. Tied up the splint with the napkins.


Here are the steps for helping the patient by using a stretcher :

    1. Put the stretcher beside the patient.

    2. One of the helper bent down on his knees and hold the patient’s head tightly.

    3. Another helper hold the patient’s body and legs.

    4. Lift the patient together and put him on the stretcher.

    • Willy, Meta, and Febri are lifting Stephanie (the patient).

    • Kevin and Amando are holding the stretcher.

    • Steven is holding Stanley.

The cadres do not practice only in the extra curriculum session, but they are also in duty during the break time for a certain day. Their duties are watering the medical herbs and helping other students when they are hurt or felt down.

That’s my story about “Tiwisada”. It’s a really fun extra curriculum, isn’t ? If there is a similar extra curriculum in your school, try to join in. You will get more knowledge about health and you can help your friends too !


Tiwisada Team

Petra 10 Christian Elementary School

Raya Darmo Harapan Blok PF/2 Street

Surabaya – East java