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Story Telling Improves My English Competence

Hi! Iím Shannon. Iím in the fifth grade of Petra 10 Christian Elementary School. I like studying English, especially through stories.

Learning English through story is fun. It can improve my pronunciation and vocabularies. It can also increase my self confidence when I perform it well in front of my friends.

On February 2005 I joined a story telling competition. I prepared myself to follow the competition. I practiced with my teacher for one hour everyday. Three days before the competition, my teacher asked me to perform the story in the classroom in front of my friends to make me more confident.

Finally the day came. There were thirty participants joined the competition. At the first time I felt a little bit nervous even though I had prepared myself well, but at last I did it well! I became the second winner of the competition. I was so happy although I was not the first winner. I realized that the competitors were great and well prepared too. Iím sure that I will do better next time.

Well, thatís my experience in telling stories. If you want to perform a story well, here are some important things to be noticed:

  1. Choose the right story.

  2. Study the vocabularies.

  3. Pay attention to your pronunciation, intonation and clarity.

  4. Tell it naturally.

  5. Keep your eye contact with the audience, be confident.

  6. Use media to make the story more interesting (even simple materials can be used)


Here are my pictures with Stanley and the media. See the sheep over there? They are made of carton, cotton and wood. Arenít they nice?

Created by:


The 5th grade of Petra 10 Christian Elementary School

Raya Darmo Harapan Blok PF/2

Surabaya Ė East Java