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class X-6( Elvina, Joshua, Ruth, Karina, Irene, David, Lucky )

One day, ther was a kingdom, which had a king, named Stanley. The king had a joker, named Ruth, an Adviser,named Karina and a witch,named Irene. This Kingdom was very peaceful, prosperous, and safe. But,across from kingdom, there was another kingdom named Dark Kingdom. It had a dark king, named Lucky, and two servants : a dark devel, named Joshua and the mysterious mummy named David. Lucky wanted to destroy king Stanley’s kingdom to expand his land.
He could do it provided that he could found an intrument which make an eclips of the sun. This instrument was very dangerous, because it could freeze any place. Therefore this instrument was secretly hidden. King Lucky wanted to passess thie intrument. He delegated the dark devil and the mysterious mummy to hunt it. They just had half of the map and the ather was in stanly’s kingdom of couse king lucky had to rob the other map in stanley’s kingdom.
But this plot was knonw by elvina the kind fairy so she warned king stanley hurriedly but it was too late. When she arrived at that kingdom most of the inhabitant had died many buildings were already destroyed and the map was gone. But when she entered the basement she found king stanley to revive the inhabitant and dertroy the dark kingdom. She went wit the jocker, the adviser and the witch.
With the clue,bandage, leaf by the mysterious mummy, they succesed in finding the dark kingdom. They olso saw the king lucky, King of The dark devil and mysteriuos mummy left their kingdom to go to the place where the instrument was hidden. Apparently that was hidden in a pyramid. Inside the pyiramid,there was an oases. They were surprised to see that the intrument was a box with a model of galaxy in that box. There were the sun, the moon, and the earth.
But, accidetlly, the jocker stumbled and lost her balance of course king lucky came to realize they weren’t alone, so he commanded the mysterious mummy expelled some bandage which could coil around and crash something. The witch attaked it and cut that bandage. But it could appear again. When the witch lelt tired, the adviser told her to draw aut the bandage more and more, finally the mysterious mummy gave up becouse he ran out of his bandage.
And the dark devil replaced the mysterious mummy. He made himselfdisapper, so that the fairy got confused and suddenly he appered and ram into the fairy with his horns, so the jocker helped her.The  Dark Devil pretended to attack the fairy. But when he ram towards the jocker, he bounced her big stomach and struck hard into the hard rock of pyramid so he moaned becouse his horns were broken.
King Lucky was very angry. He expelled his Black Blizzard the deadly power to attack all of them so they  flung away.He attacked them not only with the Black Blizzard but also with Dark Vortex that made them dizzy. Thay became waek and lucky attacked them with the Fusion which could turn them into a turtle.Fortunately the fairy and the witch made a mirror from their last power.so the Fusion bounced and hit lucky himself and he became a turtle.
After seeing that the mysterious mummy and the dark devil gave up.They felt very sorry to have disturbed  Stanley’s Kingdom So they buried that box and went back to satnley’s kingdom.Finally they helped each other. At last people in stanley’s kingdom lived in peace and prosperity.