Hi, we are the students of Petra 7 Christian Elementary School, Jalan Kalianyar 37—41, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Our names are Novi, Fransisca and Kelvin, students in the fifth year class, together with Angeline and Anastasia, students in the fourth year class. We are accompanied by our teacher, Mrs. Julia Kristiana, S.Psi.


In this opportunity, we ask our friend, Stanley, to see and to know about “Siwalan” fruit.

“Siwalan” fruit is included to a kind of palm which grows single, the height is about more than 20 meters with diameter 20—40 centimeters. The stem is rather black, the leaves width are round like fingers with diameter 1.20 centimeters. It is included to palmae (pinang-pinangan). The scientific name is Borassus Flabellifer. In East Java and Central Java, it is known as “Ental” or “Siwalan”. In Sumatera it is called “Siwalan”. In  East Java there are many “Siwalan” in Tuban and Gresik and usually they have many fruits in the dry season.

There are many advantages in this tree, such as :

The flower        : if we cut, it will produce juice which is called “Nira”. “Nira” can be drunk with the popular name “legen”. Legen can be sold as a drink. It taste sweet and contains of alcohol. If we drink too lot, we can have a headache.

The leaf            : it can be as a food wrapping, like “ketupat”, “lepet”. It can be shaped as a dipper which is used to get water, can be made as a roof , wall, hat and many other handicrafts.

The fruit            : “Siwalan” fruit is like a coconut, has a thick and hard skin. The flesh is white and soft, can be eaten directly and can also be used as a ingredients for fruit cocktail or “kolak” (cocktail with santan).

The stem          : the stem can be used as a bridge construction and firewood.

The stem of palm: can be as a string.

Now we can make a drink (cocktail) from “Siwalan” fruit.

The ingredients:

  The flesh of  “Siwalan” fruit

  The flesh of young coconut





All the ingredients are cut into pieces, then put into a glass, give syrup and iced blocks. Hmm…. Nice and fresh.

It is easy, isn’t it. Ok friends. You can make it by yourselves.