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On Saturday, February 26th 2005,our school Petra 5 Elementary School and Mr. Flat Stanley visited Kenjran beach, East Surabaya. We’ve got information that sea product from Kenjeran can be consumed become a special food called Kupang (shellfish) and chips fish. They can be also be made as handicrafts. Do you want to know ? let’s see together…………..



We went to the settlement where people produced shellfish. In the settlement there was a woman who was Mrs. Sulikah. She was our informant. Shellfish is useful to recover liver.

Shellfish includes sea animals (such as shells) which have roots and is in the middle sea at Kenjeran Beach. Fisherman take shellfish when the sea ebbs that’s in the morning.


Then are three kinds of shellfish : Java shellfish, Rice shelfish and Awung shellfish.

The picture that you see beside is Java shellfish which is known as the most expensive.


The process is like this :

Shellfish are taking by using sickle then put in the basket

Move them into a large container, step on and stir them around using palm leaf rib from bamboo (to remove from root and the sand)

Boil shellfish and sift. The broth of shellfish can be cooked again. Shellfish can be cooked by frying.


The broth of shellfish can be made as Petis (colored black ). It can be eaten together with shellfish or tofu and tempeh. Want to make it ? boil the broth of shellfish until it is coagulate and add palm sugar and refined sugar.


The broth of shellfish can be made become shellfish chips. It can be eaten as side dish and sancks. How to make it ?

  1. Mix the broth of shellfish with starch stir it and add with spices

  2. If it is coagulate, roll and put into a two plactic. After that, boil and leave it for night.

  3. Chop and dry in the sun. Finally, fry it


Mr. Flat Stanley and me were going to eat the broth of shellfish and fried shellfish food. Not forget petis and shellfish chips.


Fish at the sea not only be used as side dish but can also be produced become chips such as Udang (shrimp) chips, Terong chips, Teripang (sea slug) chips and Bulu Babi (sea porcupine or urchin) chips.



Apparently Mr. Flat Stanley wants taste many kinds of chips which is from sea animals.

Ikan Pari (rayfish), Ikan kakap (large fish),Ikan Asin (salted fish),Ikan Lurjuk (tiny sea fish) and Ikan Teri (tiny sea fish). Not forget Udang (shrimp),Terung, Teripang (sea slug) and Bulu Babi (sea porcupine or urchin).


Mr. Flat Stanley was taking a picture with Teripang (sea slug) which recently was taken from the sea.

It is a place to keep dried fish. Look ! what we bring, it is Ikan Asin (salted fish)


There handicraft are made of shell, snail, crab and oyster. They are sold at Kenjeran Beach area. They are also exported to Asia Countries such as Korea and Thailand.



It is beautiful, isn’t? They can be made become mirror, frame animals shape such as turtle, curtain, lamp, necklace, key holder, jewellery box, broach, hairpin, and ashtray.




Star fish and sponge can be preserved to be used as decoration






Shell and snails are washed by hydrochloric acid, granulated, given colour (or the real colour), shaped as the will


Mr. Flat Stanley doesn’t forget to bring souvenirs. They are frames and chains of shells and snails.

After visiting handicraft and chips trade place, we also visited the fisherman settlement. We saw women separating little shrimp from big shrimp. Little shrimp that you see is called Drago usually use as raw material Terasi, Upil chips, and Peyek (crisp).




We hope, you enjoy Mr. Flat Stanley’s tour in Kenjeran Beach.

 Friends, preserve and take some advantages of your sea product well.


Claudya, Shanny, Novia, Hansen, Ridge, Ratna, Daniel, Yohana

The 5th Year students

SD Kr. Petra 5

Surabaya,East Java