Flat Stanley became a honorary jury

 of the Natural Science Competition


          Petra 1 Christian Elementary School, that is located at 46 W.R. Supratman, Surabaya, has 745 students. There are six grades in Petra 1 Christian Elementary School, starting from grade 1 to grade 6, every grade has 3 parallels

          Besides 18 classrooms, Petra 1 also has a library which has many kinds of books that encourage the students to become reader lovers, a computer laboratory to increase the students’ knowledge in modern technology and a natural science laboratory to motivate the students in observing everything related to natural science.

          To motivate the students become Natural Science lovers and develop the feeling of sportsmanship among Elementary students in Petra, Petra held a Natural Science Competition inter- Petra Christian Elementary School (Surabaya – Sidoarjo) on Thursday, March 10th, 2005.

          In this competition, Petra invited Mr. Stanley to become the honorary jury. Before the competition, Mr. Stanley had a chance to walk around the school. He admired the cleanliness of Petra 1, the fresh of the school environment, library and natural science laboratory.

          The competition was opened by Ms. Ita Susanti, S.Pd., as the principal of Petra 1 and continued by a welcome dance. Mr. Stanley joined the opening ceremony, too.


          During the first round, Mr. Stanley accompanied the participants to do the written test which had 100 multiple choice items that checked by using scanner. Some teachers and Mr. Stanley handled the scanner process.



9 top scorers would be taken to join the next round


          During the second round, Mr. Stanley  went to the Natural Science laboratory to score the students who did the Biology and Physics laboratory work.


          6 top scorers would be taken to join the next round.

          The last round was quiz contest round. There were 20 questions to be struggled. During this round, Mr. Stanley was impressed by two of the participants who often answered the questions enthusiastically.




The winner would be determined by accumulating the scorers of the first, second and third round.

          Finally the two participants who impressed Mr. Stanley became the first and third winner in this competition.

They are :

          - Jonathan Putra Wongso (1st winner)

          - Debrina Setjoadi ( 3rd winner)



To say the least Mr. Stanley was satisfied with the competition


Petra 1 Christian El;ementary School

W.R Supratman 46

Surabaya - Indonesia