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Flat Stanley's Indonesian School Visit

Hello friends,

This time we (Angel, Puji, Mariyana, Riyo, Haikal and Wawan) will tell you about our school with DAYAK FLATSTANLEY. We will see some places in our school with FLATSTANLEY too.





SMA NEGERI 7 is at Lamaru, 25 kiometers east of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.



SMA NEGERI 7 Balikpapan held an inauguration of a new building on February 24, 2005. Our school has enough facilities.

We also invited Flatstanley to see those facilities like Natural Science Labolatory, Computer Labolatory, Library, Language Labolatory, Cooperation, etc and FLATSTAINLY was very happy and enjoyed being there.


Because FLATSTANLEY was hungry, we also invited FLATSTANLEY to go to the canteen to eat and take a rest. And after FLATSTANLEY was satisfied, we continued traveling in our school.


SMA NEGERI 7 also has some extra study like cheerleaders, Boy Scout, traditional dance, etc. and we invited FLATSTANLEY to take a photograph with traditional dancers and FLATSTAINLY was very happy.



Finally, we tell you that although SMA NEGERI 7 is located in the eastern suburb of Balikpapan, we donít want to be isolated.

We are waiting for you to visit SMA NEGERI 7 Balikpapan, Lamaru, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, INDONESIA.



See you next time, bye !