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By Reza

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My name Reza Asriandi Ekaputra. But
all of my friend call me Reza. I live in Komplek Pemda
II no.F/53 cibeber-south cimahi,--INDONESIA--. Iím
in the ten grades or the first grade in senior high
school. I have studied in SMAN 3
BANDUNG--INDONESIA--(national senior high school 3 of
BANDUNG--INDONESIA--). My telephone number is
62(country code)22 (place
code)6671272-----62226671272----- Today I have a new
friend. His name is Stanley the strong flat boy. I am
very happy. I think he is my best friend in the world.
The first Iíll give you information about my
countryís condition. My country name is INDONESIA.
It is one of tropical country in the world. My country
not only tropical but also archipelago country. It has
many islands. More than 5000 islands. It has many kind
of ethnic. The big ethnic are Sundanes(West Java),
Javanese(middle java and east java), Betawi(Jakarta
province),Batak, Asmat, Dani, etc. I am one of
Sundanese ethnic. My country has 2 kind of weather the
first is musim kemarau (dry season) and the second is
musim hujan (rainy season). My country has many kind
and different condition. For example, in the place
where I live, it is in the center of west java. Its
condition is not too hot but not too cold. But at
Jakarta (near a sea) this place is very hot. In NTT
(Nusa Tenggara Timur) and NTB (Nusa Tenggara Barat)
this place has very wide grass field. 

The second information is about my school. My school
is named SMAN 3 of BANDUNG (Sekolah menengah atas
negeri 3 Bandung). This is one of favorite school in
my Country. This school takes place in Jalan Blitung
(belitun steet) no.8. It telephone number is
62224235154. My school has AVI room (Audio Visual),
English Laboratory, chemistry Laboratory, Biology
Laboratory, computer Laboratory, physics Laboratory,

I have many kind activities in my school. I always go
from my house at 6.30 am and always go home at 6.30
pm. I think all of those make me tired but I must
enjoy it before I have studied in favorite school.

I have a wish. I want all of people in the world
always keep the peace in the world, donít make a
war, keep the endangered animal and I want to make all
of people in the world to be a family.

Thank you for my new friend attention, see you
Reza Asriandi Ekaputra.