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Wednesday, 13th October 2004

            We made 2 big Flat Stanley doll, which we called Mr. and Miss Stanley. We dressed them like a Junior High School student. They looked like a good student of SMP BPK Penabur Bogor.




One of SMP BPK PENABUR’s student was creating Stanley




Our Stanleys




Thursday, October 14th 2004

Our school had special program in October every year. The program called “Bulan Bahasa”. The aim of this program is ask all the student to English. This year, “Bulan Bahasa” program held story telling English. This competition was done in 14 October 2004, our schoolyard. In Thursday morning, there was a stage for “Story Telling Competition”. We didn’t forget to ask Stanley to watch. This program was exciting. Every contestant used dolls. Stanley was happy.

            After finished “Story Telling Competition”, we watched liong. An old culture from China. A long liong (dragon) was brought with stick by 8-10 children. Liong group and Stanley have just watched. In 10.00at pm, the program was finished it’s time for BPK Penabur Junior High School to go home. It’s meant that Stanley adventure this day was over. Tomorrow Stanley will continue his adventure again.




Take a picture with liong.




The Liong


Friday, 15th October 2004

            We asked Mr. and Miss Stanley to go around Bogor. We started our street from our school at 9.30 a.m. We planed to visit Zoology Museum, Botanical Garden, Kujang Monument, and Post Office. Here was our report when we visited two the places above.


Zoology Museum

            This building was built around 1894 by the Dutch Government. Before used as the place of the germ research, it was used kennel horse. In 1901 this place was used for the animals preservative parade. Now days, this place is using to show the wealth and the uniqueness of fauna in Indonesia for education and tourism.

            The architect of this building is still the same as the first. In this building we can find the uniqueness of animals preservative. Some of those animals were made as the real.








Post Office

            This building was built in 1918 and it was the church. But because of war the building was used as communication center. It was used until the end of the war. This building was changed as Post Office in 1945. The building was still the same as the first because the Government of Bogor want to preserve this building.  




In front of POST OFFICE



Inside the POST OFFICE


The old stairs at the POST OFFICE


 Here are some pictures of Stanleys




In front of the famous Bogor Botanical Garden




Kujang Monument




At Kujang Monument



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