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The reports of Stanley activities

in BPK Penabur Senior High School



We are the team of BPK Penabur Senior High School in Bogor. We and our new friend : Stanley the smart and flat boy at hall of school. We always worship first before we begun our activities. We begun our activities at half past seven a.m until two p.m.

Day 3

We have studied at laboratory of Biology There we studied about skeleton with our teacher, Miss.Defita, beside that we studied about the algae too. Stanley have seen the class of algae with preparate in microscope.

Day 3

We have environment observation at Cilibende River. We want to know about the level polution in Cilibende river. According to our observation, we found that river have a high polution. Valid, we found the Tubifex in there. Tubifex is worm class of Oligocaeta. If have found Tubifex in the river, it valid the river have high polution.


That is Stanley with Tubifex.



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