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Do you know our Stanley Project story?? That was very interesting journey... Let’s see our story... Our friends, Jessica, Othe, Linda, Erline, Vina, and also our Stanley (we’re girls group! EXECPT Stanley of course) is join going to Rajapolah. Oups, I must introduce our guider too, Mrs. Arin! And name of our Stanley is JOLEVA, do you know what is the meaning? It means our friends and teacher’s name (Jessica Othe Linda Erline Vina Arin), but that name is too long for us yup? So we just call him JOJO (What a cool name?!). Okay, now our journey are begin...

At 08.30 AM, we go from our beautiful school (SMP BPK PENABUR Tasikmalaya). We have sufficient time for taking some photo in front of our school. Now, we go with a car to Rajapolah. Do you know where is Rajapolah? Rajapolah is a place between Tasikmalaya and Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, this place is famous with the handcrafts. In the car we don’t stop for kidding and laugh! So, that car was very-very noisy! At 09.15 we arrive at Rajapolah, but we were hungry, so we eat “Nasi Cikur” (One of Indonesia traditional food), of course we eat in the car. After eating, we take some photo at handcraft shop, Othe is taking a photo with Jojo wear a mask! How cool?! You can see the photos under this text... Many things we do in Rajapolah... That was so interesting!! Jojo must be very happy with this journey...

At 12.00 AM, we go home... And of course with our sweet memories in Rajapolah, we don’t want to forget this journey... Do you want go to Rajapolah too?!

This is our friends!!!!!!!

From left : Erline, Vina, Jojo, Othe, Jessica, and Linda

Do you want to buy sandal or hats?

Jojo is love this hat too!

So cool!!!! Guess who are they?! (The Mask)