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Hi, friends………. We are the students of Petra 5 Christian Elementary School in Surabaya, East Java. We have some extracurricuars, one of them is Tiwisada which is usually called Little Doctor. Pokak is one of traditional drink of Surabaya besides Sinom and Beras Kencur. It has its benefit which can make warm our body. It is good to be drunk in cold weather or when we are in cold area. It is a fresh and natural drink. Also, it is easy to make. With Mr. Flat Stanley. Let’s see how make it……


Ingredients :

  • 1 ons palm sugar - 3 pieces of lemongrass

  • 2 spoons of sugar - 1 liter of water

  • 3 pieces of gingers - 1 piece of keningar

  • 2 pieces of pandanus - 10 pieces of cardamon


First,clean up gingers,pandanus, lemongrass, and cardamon


Second, peel the gingers and chop small pieces


Third, put all of the ingredients into boiled water


Fourth, add sugar


Thus the making of Pokak. It is easy, isn’t it ?

After making it, let’s taste


Mmmmmh…………… the drink is really fresh. This our story with Mr. Flat Stanley. Hopefully, by this column, you know the specialty drink of heroic city that is Surabaya and interested to make it.

Have a nice trying!


Felicia, Esterlita, Caroline, and Audrey

The 4th Year students
SD Kristen Petra 5