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On March 15th, 2005, we (Mrs. Isabella, Mrs. Eli Betani, Mrs. Christin, Mr. Flat Stanley, and some of my friends) visited

TNI-AL Museum and Planetarium. This building is located at Perak, Surabaya, near the harbour. It is called ďLoka Jala CeranaĒ.

In the Museum, we saw many kinds of Maritime Attributes, such as TNI uniforms, pictures of war, pictures of heroes, periscopes,

ship miniatures, etc. At the corner, we saw a dome. It is a small planetarium, used to train the marine (so, the marine know the


When we entered the dome, the lamps were dimmed. Then we looked up at the ceiling, and we saw the stars. The presenter mentioned

the name of the stars. In the planetarium, we enjoyed the presentation about Galaxy, the theory of planet revolution and planet rotation,

planetís names, planetís order and the black hole.  Black hole is an area that has great gravitation. So, it can attract meteorite, rocket, and everything, which pass near

the black hole, even the light can be attracted. Thatís why we call it black hole. I think thatís all.


Written by:

Cynthia Tantono

Grade 6

Petra 13 Elementary School

Sidoarjo - Indonesia