The Activity of Kindergarten Christian Petra School 13 Sidoarjo

Kindergarten Christian Petra School has many lesson themes. One of them is “OCCUPATION”. Kindergarten Christian Petra School 13 held a study out to introduce the kinds of occupation in society.

We have already visited many places surround Surabaya to interview many people who has different occupation, they are:

police station, hospital and houses construction. The students interviewed~ policeman, doctor, and laborer directly.

They wanted to know more about their profession.

One of students question is “Why is patient should be examined by using stethoscope?” The doctor smiled when he got the question. He tried to answer that question by using simple word clearly. The policeman also smiled with pleasure when one of student asked him about his impression being a policeman. The policeman also tried to answer the question by using simple words to satisfy our student. The laborer was very glad when we came to visit them. Because it’s seldom for them are visited by kindergarten student.

Our students were very happy when had the activity. They ask many question to the doctor, policeman and laborer.

They spoke like a journalist. It is very important student to know more about many kinds occupation. So the students will more interested in studying when we bring into the real life.