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Flat Sakerah and Students of Petra 4 Christian High School


Visited Noodle Factory


   Let me introduce you our new friend comes from Madura Island, Sakerah., 16. He has been living in Sidoarjo for 2 years. We and Sakerah will visit a noodle factory in Sidoarjo. From left to right : Drs. J.P. Widodo, Sopranita, Dra. Tjandrawati Tjuatja, Willy N., Dra. Canisia Paula M.M., Nungky and Flat Sakerah.

You know? The noodles that we usually eat have a complex process in production. We want to tell you about the process of making noodles in our city, in Sidoarjo. We are so excited because this is our first experience to visit noodle factory. It was an amazing experience that we have got. It’s fun to see flour changed become noodles. So, check this out!

When we arrived, Sakerah was so curious until he could not stop talking about how amazing this place is. This place had a lot of big machines!

Our headmistress asked the owner about the process. Then, the owner took us to the second floor. In that place, there was a box like machine. This machine was used to mix the flour, water, and the main ingredients about 15 minutes. After the mixing had been completed, the mixture would go down to the first floor automatically.

     The mixture would get into a roll-press machine. Then, it would be distributed by moving instrument to other 7 rolls. Sakerah asked the owner,” Why do you need a lot of rolls to flatten the mixture? ” Then, the owner said that every roll had its own ability. So, the mixture would get flatter in every roll.

Then, the mixture that has become noodles was taken into a machine to cook it. After that, the noodles would be cut until it went to other machine to dry it up. After this step, the noodles would go to the packaging process. The good product would be packed, but the fail ones would be changed into chips.

Sakerah wanted to taste it. Then, he tried one bite, but… it tastes bad! Then the owner said that it must be cooked first before you eat it.

In the end of our visiting, the owner gave us his product as souvenir. Sakerah felt so happy. And, one of our team took our picture.