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In Indonesia we have the National Education Day or we call it HARDIKNAS (Hari Pendidikan Nasional). It has been started since 2nd May 1908 and initiated by the Indonesian education hero Ki. Hadjar Dewantara.  He is the founder of Student Park (Taman Siswa). Usually we celebrate it every year on 2nd May.  His philosophy on education is “TUTWURI HANDAYANI” means that we can help others on education by couching and mentoring.


We are students from State Junior High School (SMP Negeri) 92 as a Key Stage 3 Grade 7th and 8th celebrated the National Education Day and invited Flat Putra (a boy) and Flat Putri (a girl) into several places in Jakarta. Flat Putra and Flat Putri had 3 days in Jakarta, Indonesia.





Friday: 29th April 2005

Flat Putra and Flat Putri came to our school, SMPN 92, which is located in East Jakarta. We were very happy when they came because we could talk about many things we had. On first day, they attended Block Grant Fund Socialization from the Directorate of Primary Education, Ministry of National Education. Hundred of teachers and headmasters from our neghbouring schools also came to our school. Besides, there were many students who attended this event too.  It was about the government funding to support schools to run educational programmes.  At the end of program, Prof Dr Paulus and Mrs Iriyani Sophian, they are psychologists from University of Indonesia. They delivered presentation how to improve our talent.  After that we had a Friday praying (Sholat Jum’at), it is an obligation for Moslem people especially for men. Usually we do it every Friday at 12.00 o’clock, we stayed at the mosque until 12.45, after that everybody went home.



Saturday, 30th April 2005

On the second day, Flat Putra and Flat Putri joined the GEBYAR HARDIKNAS celebration at Scout Camping Ground Cibubur, East Jakarta. This event was held by the local of DKI Jakarta to remind us about the spirit of education heroes. Our school performed marching band, singing as group and some others took part in drawing competition on the 4000 meters of cloth.  Over than 100 schools attended this celebration.  There, we also saw cheerleaders, morning gymnastics, traditional dances, etc. there was healthy walk together for our health in 4 km. All students followed all the competition from different levels and schools. Students wore white shirt and blue short uniform. We were spoiled by many stands of food, beverages, and games.  Both Flat Putra and Flat Putri were interested in this event.  The celebration finished over noon.  We were really hungry, and we ate at Mc’Donald before going home.


Sunday, 1st May 2005

Last day, Flat Putra and Flat Putri attended the painting competition on wall of toll road that is located on Jalan Tol Ir Wiyono between Kebon Nanas and Perumpung, East Jakarta.  There were 132 schools from 44 Kecamatan (districts) in DKI Jakarta joined this painting competition. It started from 09:00 until 16:00 for painting in size 2,5 x 1,5 meters of wall.  Our painting area was no. 35 and we worked as 3 schools’ team containing SMPN 92, SMPN 158 and SMP Lab School.  Our theme of painting was “Life in Jakarta, Environment of Flora and Fauna”.


When the competition was going, our Vice-Governor DR FAUZI BOWO and Mayor of East Jakarta MR KOESNAN A.H. met us at the location, we then introduced Flat Putra and Flat Putri to them. Our Vice-Governor explained about the aim of these events, which were to support students’ talent and creativity on painting, encourage students to learn about life and environment in Jakarta and of course people could see the scene of toll road which has beautiful painting presented by students.




Text Box: We also met Drs H. Asep Syarifudin MSc, Chief of School Committee SMPN 92 and had an interview with him.  He has said that the responsibilities of education is not only government but also school and community. He has emphasised that those stakeholders – such as School Committee are very essential in running successful education. Like in our school, school committee and teachers work together to run e-learning programmes. School committee has four roles; advisory, councelling, supporting and partnership.










We were delighted Flat Putra & Flat Putri had fun & joy during their visit in Indonesia.  We would like to invite other schools from other countries to come to our school or we are also happy to send our Flat Story to other schools in other countries. You can send your e-mail at smp92_jakarta@yahoo.com You can also send by snail mail, address: SMP Negeri 92,   Jl. Perhubungan XII, Rawamangun, Jakarta 13220, Indonesia.