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Learning Mandarin Language

Generally, the objective of learning is not only to get more and more facts, but also to know and understand how to do a lot of things and ways to do them.

Learning in our school, Petra 10 Christian Elementary School, is not only about subjects stated in the national curriculum, but also about English and Mandarin, two important languages which are used in many countries.

In our school Mandarin has been taught since the first grade to the sixth grade. It is taught by using various methods to make the students interested in the language. One of the examples is learning Mandarin in grade one, the students were taught to pronounce Mandarin words while touching the parts of their bodies. They also wore Chinese costumes to make them more interested in learning the language.



Here are some of the first grade students (Angelina, Rebeca, Jessica and Marcelina). They were standing in front of the class while pronouncing a Mandarin word.





The students were touching their ears while saying “er”, which means ears.



The students were pronouncing “kou”, which means mouth.


The students were pronouncing “shou” which means hand.



The students opens their mouth wide while saying “ya”, means teeth.



Created by:

Angelina, Rebeca, Jessica, Marcelina

The 1st rade of Petra 10 Christian Elementary School

Raya Darmo Harapan Blok PF/2

Surabaya – East Java