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How To Make Bread

Healthy food are able to produce energy for human. The source of energy needed for human are bread, pasta and noodle. All concern to basic ingredients, wheat. Food which contains wheat, vitamin B complex and vitamin E, are good for skin and muscle.

I learn to make bread together with Mr. Flat Stanley and my friends of the fifth grade.

There are three brands of flour to make bread :

- Cakra Kembar (high protein)

Special in making bread, pasta and noodle.

- Segitiga Biru (medium protein)

For the ingredients of bread, biscuits and many kinds of cake.

- Kunci Biru (low protein)

For the main ingredients of cake, biscuit and cookies.

The device to make bread :

  1. Mixer to stir all ingredients

  2. experiment table prossesing

  3. profing to flourish

  4. oven to burn

  5. weight scale impose the quantity


Ingredients :

1. Wheat flour 1.000 grams

2. Milk powder 50 grams

3. Baking powder 20 grams

4. Sugar 220 grams

5. Bread Improver 6 grams

6. Eggs 5 grains

7. Butter 200 grams

8. Salt 15 grams

9. Water 500 grams


  • Use the wheat flour with high protein (Cakra Kembar) minimum 12 %

  • Bread improver used for suplement or nutrition for baking powder, so it can maximally work on bread

  • Margarine is vegetable protein of fat and butter is animal protein of fat

  • Salt is used to control baking powder

The steps to make bread :

Put wheat flour, milk powder, baking powder, bread improver and eggs in the mixer.

  1. Mix with low speed.

  2. Add water bit by bit.

  3. After boiling, add margarine and salt.

  4. Mix until finely pounded or granulated.

  5. Leave for fermentation about 10 minutes until 1 hour

  6. Cut the batter 50 grams

  7. Make and fill the batter according to your taste

  8. Put them in the oven and burn until 2 hours

The bread are now ready to serve.