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Historical Journey at Karangkamu
(Legend of Ciung Wanara)

Not far from Tasikmalaya, itís about 30 Kms to the east, there is a historical site of Galuh Kingdom. The site tell us about the life of Ciung Wanara in the past. In there we can find and see the place where Ciung Wanara was born, the former of the Kingdom royal audience hall, the thumbs of Adipati Panaekan, the stone icon of Lingga Yoni.


The most interesting is we can see the four colors river there. There are two rivers, Citanduy and Cimuntur that join to be one. The rivers runs to the south and ends in


Indonesian Ocean. When it is brightly. Sunny, we can see the color of brown, yellow, blue, and greenish. Itís so fantastic.