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Play In The Garden!!!!


Hallo our name Ajeng, Ratih, Anin, and Vika, we had the new friend of his name of the Deserted flat, Marry, and Lady. We now were being in the garden behind one of our friends, here plenty of beautiful crops and grew very fertile. This photograph that we could during playing in the garden …


This the Deserted photograph of the flat, Marry, and Lady with the tomatoes crop. Saw!! Evidently his tomatoes have borne fruit!! Tomatoes very nutritious because often contained vitamin A and C



If this one they with the betel crop, this betel crop including the crop of the living pharmacy right!! Betel could be traditional medicine to treat the thrush, cough medicine, and the antiseptic



Ok…Now they with the crop that tasted hot that right!! The chilli!! This chilli, possibly if you that was overseas the frequency used paprika. The chilli apart from for the cooked material also was able to treat the stomach mules, to hair tonic and stimulan


This the last photograph, they was with the crop of the crocodile tongue, the crocodile tongue also the pharmacy crop lived. The crocodile tongue had the benefit for us that are to penumbuh hair and cough medicine.


Oops.. until we forgot to point out the photograph, the available photograph of the flower in the garden, this had several photographs of the addition that would we show including the frangipani and the flower asoka ….



Ok…only that could be shown by us to you and if you wanted to have the crop..the fertile crop like above, you must treat him well his method by pouring and giving fertilizers by being arranged but had one matter more that more important that is you must treat him with the affection!! If doing something wrong words helped sorry...

Bye…..Bye…. and….See you……

Group: Ajeng,Ratih,Anin, and Vika