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Making Great Galingale Rice





Im Albert. Im showing you great galingale plants.

Friends, together we will make traditional medicine called great galingale rice. The procedure has been in KTK (Kerajinan Tangan dan Kesenian), so we learn not only the theory but also the practice.

The purpose is to know how to make traditional medicine that is very useful for our health.

The function of great galingale is to keep us healthy and to raise appetite.


This is my picture with Nita, Jemima and Felicia. We were making great galingale rice.


The ingredients needed to make 1.500 ml great galingale are:

-         4 seeds of large forest tree

-         1 handful of rice

-         ounce of great galingale

-         2 thumbs size of ginger

-         lime juice

-         coconut sugar/brown sugar

-         ounce of white sugar

-         1.300 ml mineral water

-         a little salt

-         2 pieces of lime leaves


Material needed:

-         grinder

-         wooden spoon

-         pan

-         pot

-         strainer



My friends were demonstrating the making of great galingale rice


How to make/Procedure:

     Wash and soak the rice, put in the strainer to drip.

     Grind the peeled ginger and great galingale, lime leaves; seeds of large forest tree, rice and brown sugar well.

     Put the ingredients in the pot and little by little pour the water to dissolve.

     Put in the sugar and the salt to taste and stir it, mix in the lime juice.

     Strain the mixture.

     Boil it.


It is now ready to serve and it will make 5 to 6 glasses. It can be taken cold or warm.



Wow ! It tastes fresh and nice !


Friends, come and try to make this great galingale drink by yourself.



Created by:

Albert Christianto and friends

The 5th  grade of Petra 10 Christian Elementary School

Raya Darmo Harapan Blok PF/2

Surabaya East Java