My name is Fakhri (Letf) with my collegues Maya(beside our headmaster) and Lia(Right) along with our headmaster (Mrs.Emmy) in front of  our mighty school building SMAN 5 Bandung.


In front of our school with our teachers, from the let Lia, Mrs.Evi ;Indonesian Teacher, Mrs. Jenar; art teacher who designed our flat, Mrs. Ida The Leading coordinator of our team, Maya and Fakhri.



 Our headmaster, Mrs.Emmy in front of our school building with her lovely smile holding our beloved flat.



 Mrs. Emmy our headmaster, AA Gym one of the most influencial and charismatic public figure who happen to be one of the spiritual leader, and some of our teachers posing before The Great Tablig in the school yard.



 All of the committee with our vice principle of student council



 All of the committee with our vice principle of student council. Our Flat, Kuda Lumping, and the teachers are waiting for AA Gym who was about to give his speeh.



 The Situation when AA Gym was delivering his burning speech



 Hi, finally the exhausting day had come to an end then I want to say thank you for having been following my activities in the Great Tablig event.


Composed by: Fakhri, Maya and Lia. From SMAN 5 Bandung