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Hi..!!! My name is Chef Flat, but you can call me Cheffy. And my friend give me that name, because they know if I like cooking so much. Look at me, Iím cute isnít it wearing my apron? OK, now I want to tell you how to make a special chocolate with my best friend Vebie, Tiwi and Nabhila.
The way to cook it, is very simple. And we donít need a lot of ingredients. You just
have white chocolate for cooking, cheese, butter, food dye, and corn flakes
And the way to cook it isÖÖ
First melt the white chocolate. After it melt put it in a bowl, then wait in a few minute until a little bit cold, but still melt. While weíre waiting the chocolate, we can prepare the baking pan with butter that we already spread on it. Next give food dye and stir it (the color of the food dye is up to you). After that, give it some corn flakes. And bend it with your own idea. Here is my chocolate, nice isnít it?
This was from SMP Negeri 1 Balikpapan, Indonesia.
Thanks for your support to publish Indonesian Schools in Flat Stanley Project.
Sanni Susanti




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