My name is Lisa , a student of SMKN 2 Balikpapan East Kalimantan Indonesia, I would like to tell you about English Debate Club in my school, here are some pictures of Club’s activities and also it’s story.






Here are  the members of English Debate Club who feel happy to join the debate club.

They are (the left to right who are sitting) Hasmita, Amoy, Fitriana, Vera, Fitriana Ramadhianty , Lisa, Fitri, Bunda,  and they are who are standing :  Ninda, Kiki, Fitri, Nurdiana, Selvi, Jumriah,Natalia, Ayu, Fitri, Yulia, Nenty and Endah.

We are happy to discuss a lot of new motion and practice it in front of the class.




The Ladies are discussing the motion “Junkiest should be expelled from school”. They are as the negative team. They are discussing  the motion  seriously. “Look, Nenty is very serious about it , although the camera take her photograph. She is opening  the dictionary to look up the difficult  word.








Now this is the affirmative team. Wow! Look at Nurdiana’s  dress. She is wearing a nice veil and it’s very match with her cloth. Well this team has a good corporation.  





Erlina (wearing light brown dress) one of the English debate  trainers of my school  is giving advice to the team after performing in front of the other members.  





Here is Sri Wahayu proposing her argument, the other debaters are listening carefully ,

The topic is Junkiest should be expelled from school”





I am  proposing my  argument ,the topic is “ Teacher should wear uniform”, Our team will join next English Debate Contest in East Kalimantan Province level in May, we hope that we can do the best.  





Here is Fitriana Ramadiyanti, She is a new comer in English Debate club of SMKN 2 Balikpapan, but she is very talented in English Debate.  




Flat Borneo Joined Our English Debate Club


Hi, guys! How’s everything ? First, let me introduce myself. My name is Lisa. I am a student of SMK N 2, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. In this time, I’ll tell you about my English Debate Club in my school, in Balikpapan. We usually practice once a week on Sunday morning for three hours. In this club, is divided into  two groups , they are new comers group and the old one . New comers are in first year  students and the old one  are in the second and third year. We discuss the motion according to the latest world news, like the news about corrupting, nuclear, politics, etc. We are very happy and  enjoy it. When we practice, we try to force new comers to be courageous to be good debaters. And after debating, we discussed with them about what their weakness and strength, and we always give big support not to  be shy when they speak in front of the audiences. And also, we discuss about the best argument when we get one motion, and tricks when we face our competitor in debate competition. Okay, I think that’s all, I will  continue my story  next time and in other stories, see you…..




 See you …………….


Lisa Okarina