I am Fitri Novita Sari , the student of SMKN 2 Balikpapan East Kalimantan Indonesia



I had to present my project work in front of the juries before selling my product




Flat Borneo Visited me when I was selling my product (Bread Chicken Sausage)

Do you want to buy it ?  Just Rp. 1.500,00


Flat Borneo also visited my friend Farah, when she was selling her product (Fried Tofu)





Here is my friend Gustianti Putri is selling  Bird Nest Ice ( Ice is filed with kiwi fruit,

Melon fruit, Sea Weed, Milk, Selasih ( a kind of seed which usually mixed with ice) seed 

Hmmmmmm it must be very nice !

My  friend Hadi is selling young coconut ice , hmmmmm ……. make me thirsty


The students and the teachers of SMKN 2 Balikpapan are buying the food and drink, cosmetic,

handcraft and other product  which are being sold  by the examinees (the third grade students of Marketing Program)




Flat Borneo Met me in  Verification Program  in SMKN 2 Balikpapan



i , my name is Fitri Norvitasari from Vocational  High State School 2 Balikpapan East Kalimantan Indonesia.

I want to tell about The Verification Program of Marketing Department of  My school, on April 12th, 2005 by external tester from Business Institution and Industry . The Juries come from Hero Supermarket, Balikpapan Plaza  and Mall Fantasi Balikpapan Baru


You should know that this Verification just for the Students of  Marketing Program  and the students who are chosen to represent all the students of Marketing  Program. They   are 13 students . Before doing work show , we had to present our Project Work, Introduce and promote the product which is sold  in front of the Juries. There are  many kinds of the product, such as Tahu (tofu)  (it is a traditional food of Indonesia, it is made of soybean), black forest, ice, cosmetic and also handcraft. I myself sold Chicken Sausage Sandwich as a title of my Project Work. I chose Chicken Sausage Sandwich because it doesn’t need much capital and  so the price is reasonable for the customers just Rp. 1.500,00.




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