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Here are the activities of Flat Asep
with some students from 
24 Senior High School        



We are The Flat Asep team in front of our school, 24 Senior High School on A.H Nasution Street no 27 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Our Head Master , Mr. Cucu and The third grade student, Roni who got an idea to plant 13.000 trees along A.H Nasution street. He got those trees by asking some government institutions. The aim of this activity is to absorb water to avoid flood in our area and make the sidewalk look beautiful. Almost all students did the plantation in order to get awareness In keeping a good environment.

On 17th February 2005, The Mayor of Bandung city (The man who is holding flat Asep) came to our school to legitimate 13.000 trees plantation. According to him It is very good idea, and he will instruct some leader of district to distribute some of trees and ask them to take care of .

We and flat Asep are among 13,000 trees which will be planted along A.H Nasution street, about 14 km.

We took flat Asep to Tangkuban Perahu Mountain on 20th February 2005. You can see the crater behind him. It is an active volcano in our town. The sulfur smell of it is very strong, however we can find hot spring water not far from this area and it can recover skin diseases. 

Marisa Haque is a popular Indonesian artist. She is also one of the Legislative member in Indonesian government. The man on the right one is Mr. Eka, the legislative member too. They came to our school to see our activities. They are so interested in Flat Stanley project.

Flat Asep is on the extraordinary sheep which  always takes the sheep competition. It is one of the sheep champion. The price of it is about 1,00 million rupiahs ($12,000) compared with Indonesian ordinary sheep which is about 800,000 rupiahs (only $1,00) . The left man is the owner.

2005, 24 Senior High School Flat Asep Project