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Flat Sakerah and Students of Petra 4 Christian High School

Visited Krupuk (Indonesian Cracker) Factory



Flat Sakerah was really happy to do his second project. On Monday, January 31, 2005, we visited Krupuk Factory that was located at Tanggulangin, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. From left to right : Sopranita, Eric P, David P, Dra. Canisia Paula, M.M. (Head Master), Kevin J.P.L, Willy N., Drs. J.P. Widodo.


First, we asked permission to the owner, Mr. and Mrs. Tony to have a walk around the factory. Then, Mr. Tony called a guide. He asked the guide to take us around the factory. Then, the guide took us to the first storage room. This place was filled by a lot shrimps. The shrimps would be used as the main ingredients of krupuk.


The second storage contained a lot of tapiocas. Flat Sakerah turned himself into a little child. He climbed a mountain of tapiocas. The guide just laughed. Then, he took us to production room. This room was bigger than two rooms before. There were a lot of machines and selves. The guide told us how to make krupuk. Below is his explanation:

The workers put the material which are shrimps, sugar, salt, duck eggs, tapiocas, and milk into a mixer and mix them.


After that, the mixture will be shaped into some few rolls.

That rolls are taken into some boilers and boiled there approximately for 2 hours.

When the mixtures are cooked, they will be reshaped.

The reshaped rolls are dried up at the field for few minutes.


Then, the rolls are taken into the cutting room. In this place, the rolls are cut into slices by a machine called ‘Berkel’, and then, the slices are dried.


This drying process needs a whole day to get the best results.

The dried krupuks then are packed in the next day. Then they will be distributed in several places.

Flat Sakerah said his thanks to the owner. Then, we went back to school to tell the story to our friends and you.


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