In Indonesia, cassava can be used as staple food, beskles rice and corn, because it contains of carbohydrate. Cassava can be used as basic commodity in industrial and castle foodstuff.

Cassava is a kind of root that becomes bigger in the ground that is called tuber.

Parts of cassava that can be used are:

o  Tuber -- can be made as steam cassava, tape, schotel, lemet, etc

o  Shoot leaves -- can be made as urap (a kind of salad that mixed by coconut), lalap (it is eaten without boiling and seved with chili sauce), bobor (a kind of milk coconut soup)

Our students are interested In making tape because It tastes sweet, special food and can be made as various kinds of snack as: fried tape, tape cake, dodol (it Is like jelly), etc.

Our students make one of the ingredients to make tape cake, that is “tape” as an observation



The Ingredients to make tape:

o  5 Kg of cassavas

o  15 pieces of yeasts

o  clean water

The way to make tape:

o  peel the cassava, rub the mucus that Is sticked on the surface

o  wash the cassava with clean and flow through water

o  steam the cassava in steamer until it is done until medium soft

o  take out the steaming cassava, leak through until It Is cold

o  spread the yeast powder on the steaming cassava evenly

o  wrap the cassava with banana leaves and put in the pan

o  keep In room temperature for 2-3 days, until the cassava Is soft and sweet


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