Friends, we are Petra 5 Elementary School students. We’d like to show you how to make the uninterested fruit becomes a very useful fruit. Example : Averrhoa Belimbi, this fruit is known because of its sour taste, therefore only a few people like to consume it. Usually, we use it to cook in a certain amount (not in a great number). Now, we are going to process this fruit becomes……… Please make a guess !!

Candied Sour Carambola

Ingredients :

- a kg of Carambola Fruit
- a kg of sugar
- a glass of water (250 cc )
- a spoon of lime (solution CaCO3) and glass of water
- carambola flowers


- pan
- coconut sift
- scraper
- spoon
- stove
- bowl
- knife

This is how to make a candied sour carambola :


1. Carambola fruit is washed clean, rolled on the scraper and press until it producers


2. Soak up into the water of lime (solution CaCO3) over night

3. Next morning, carambola fruit is washed clean until the solution of lime is left out then drain up

4. Boiled in pan, add with clean water 250 cc (a glass) and put sugar. If it is boiled then lift up. Do it continually for four days then drain up

5. After the water is ended, dry it up and cover with kassa in order not to be contacted with dust


In fact, the rest of water from candied carambola can be used too. How to make it?

Please follow the directions below :

                  • The rest of water is added with carambola flowers + ˝ ons, boil then sift and it is made as anessence.

                  • Boil a kilogram of sugar with of sugar with 500 cc of water and put a little atricacid then mix the carambola essence in it


Now, the Candied Sour Carambola and the Sour Carambola Syrup can be consumed

Note : The one who has a stomach disorder had better not consume the candied carambola and the sour carambola syrup

Andreas, Kevin, Senna, Andre, Rezon, Catalia, Devi, Lily, Stephanie Aurelia, Stephanie Amelia, Amelia


The 6th Year students

SD Kristen Petra 5

Surabaya, Indonesian