Flat Borneo


Opin (the flat Borneo Creator is handling the flat) The students of TOEIC class are discussing  the reading material

Aminah and Jojo are discussing before presenting the result of Chain sentences Game in TOEIC class


Here are the members of the level three of TOEIC Class , I am Fitriani (wearing veil behind Jojo , handling Flat Borneo)


Flat Borneo met me in my class

Flat Borneo visited our TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication ) class of SMKN 2 Balikpapan East Kalimantan Indonesia last week. My Friends and I were discussing the lesson material when she came . Before beginning the lesson , we usually do the warming up to make the teaching and learning program more convenient. The students of my school are very nice and friendly, you can see so many interesting things that you can see in my school.

Our TOEIC class is twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday. The materials which are often discussed consist of Theory of English, listening , speaking, writing and we also discuss about the National Final Examination material for next May. For warming up or brain storming we do some games like guessing the words, chain sentences, telling pass experience , etc.

It will be lovely if we always follow the activities, and donít miss it to join Flat Borneo and my another story about my school.


See you