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Flat Borneo Visited My School


Masriyana , her friends and Flat Borneo

Hello friends my name is Masriyana, Iím one of the students in SMKN 2 (Vocational High School) in Balikpapan City East Kalimantan Indonesia. Now I would like to tell you about Flat Borneo who has visited our school.

My school is one of Vocational High School in Balikpapan city. There are three departments those are Accounting department, Secretary Department and Marketing Department. Actually my school same with the other Senior High School in Balikpapan city but the difference is the lesson, we donít learn all kinds of general lessons like in General High School. We only learn about some lessons and we donít learn about Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Physics lesson. In my school we learn about specific lesson which is related with each department so we are prepared to be skill workers who ready to enter into the work field.

My school was established in 1964 and it has been changed its name three times and has moved twice in different places. Our school area more than 10.000 square metres. It consist of administration office, principleís room, teachersí office, Vice principlesí offices, student board office, three computer laboratories, one language laboratory, three typing rooms, a library, a meeting room, two canteens, a mini bank, a mosque, a mini office for secretary practicing, a room for practicing marketing, a school shop, a volleyball field, a basketball field and a badminton field.

We have some extra curricular activities, those are Boy scouts, The red cross of youth, school police, Volleyball, basketball, badminton, Choir, cheerleader, Moslem Forum, English Debate Club, Karate (Self Defense). Many students join those programs, and usually held on Monday morning.

As my activity I choose English Debate Club and I feel so fun with that activity, because I can get many advantages from it. Flat Borneo is also interested to join me visiting my English Debate Club at my school.

Ok friends, thatís all about my school next time I would like to tell you about The English Debate Club in SMKN 2 Balikpapan. Thank Flat Borneo for your visiting, I hope you can visit me next time.


ByeÖÖ See you Ö..