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Flat Stanley Goes to Baruadjak Farm

First, we would like to introduce ourselves from left to right: Christian, Astrini, Corry, Steffani, Mrs. Arin, our English Teacher.

On Thurday, 24th March 2005, we were visited by Stanley, the flat boy. He is our new friend. So, we invited him to go to Bandung to see The BARUADJAK FARM Lembang. We would like to introduce the farm to Stanley and to Others. In there we can see a lot of milk-cows, and how employers process the milk. It is very nice place to visit. It just about 20 Kms North from Bandung.

On the way home, we stopped by ITB (Bandung Technology Institute). This is the college where President Soekarno, our first President studied.