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How To Make Aloevera Drink With Stanley

Aloevera is famous as hairís cultivating medicine. This plant also has functions as a kind medicine that helps speed up to cure, gastric, hemorrhoids, diabetes, cough, sine, skin inflammation short winded and burns.

These plant are found out in West Africa. One of them which is commercially produced that is aloe barbadensis from Barbados Island in the middle of America.

This type gives more advantages than the others because it may grow easily and has a lot of crop and endures against germ.


Characteristics of Aloe Vera:

  1. The plant contains plump and mucus

  2. Its leaves are fat

  3. Itís xerovit plant ( it is a hot ang dry resistant plant )

  4. The plantís edge is serrated


And now, we are Vicky, Safira and Samuel Radiant with Stanley would like to make Aloe Vera drink at Petra 9 Christian Elementary School.

Ingredients :

  1. Four stacks of aloe vera

  2. Four spoonfuls of white sugar

  3. Four glasses of water

  4. Three limes


  1. Knife

  2. One big pan an one small pan

  3. Glasses

  4. Stove

How to make:

  1. Wash the aloe vera

  2. Peel the aloe veras curve part, then cut the flesh into cubes

  3. Boil three glasses of water, one glass of water and spoonfuls of white sugar that have already been distilled.

  4. Put the aloe vera into the pan and add some white sugar

  5. Wait until it is cold

  6. Pour it to glasses.


Vicky, Safira and Samuel Radiant

The 6th year students

SD Kristen Petra 9

Surabaya Ė Indonesia



We can create art from things around us. One of the materials is straw. Straws can be used for making a map. In the second semester, The students of the sixth grade og Petra 9 Christian Elemenntary School with Stanley used straws to make a map of Europe continent.

These are the materials we use and how to make:


  1. Coloured straws

  2. Glue

  3. Scissors

  4. Map

How to make:

  1. Cut straws with length at least 1 Cm

  2. Give glue to the map

  3. Put straws to the whole map

  4. The colour of the straws for each country should be different but the length of traws should be the same.

The benefits of this activity are:

  1. Students learn to learn to work together in a team work

  2. Students could also remember the map of some countries ( part of geography lesson ) because they learn by doing themselves .

This is information on creating The Art of Straws

The 6th year students

SD Kristen Petra 9

Surabaya Ė Indonesia


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