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A Day Tour To 


Let us introduce our team. We have five persons in our group. See the photo, from left to right: Vina, Othe, Ranny, Erline, Steffani isn’t in the picture. She had to go to her father’s home town because her grandpa died. Our condolence to her family. Who is the little flat boy? Oh...He is our new friend, Stanley the flat boy. He is very cute, isn’t he? He is the only boy among us. And last but not least, our guidance teachers are Mr. Handy Susanto and Mrs. Arin Pritawati.


Friday, 29th Oct 2004 at 07.15’

We left Tasikmalaya by a car. We packed a lot of food and drink because the trip would take about two and half hours, and because all of us like eating J


Friday, 29th Oct 2004 at 07.30’

The driver drove the car quite fast. We reached Ciamis in fifteen minutes. Ciamis is a small town about 16 Kms east Tasikmalaya. Do you know what Ciamis means? Ciamis came from the words ‘Ci’ and ‘Amis’. ‘Ci’ means water and ‘Amis’ means sweet. So ‘Ciamis’ means ‘sweet water’, what a beautiful name is it?


Friday, 29th Oct 2004 at 08.o4’

We left Ciamis to Pangandaran. We were very happy. We talked one another, and we made some joke. 25 minutes in the car, we can’t stand to keep our mouth doing nothing. So, we started to chew some candies, and then some biscuits, and finally we unpacked our supplies. That is Othe, Stanley’s twin sister J, who first feel hungry.


Friday, 29th Oct 2004 at 09.35’

We arrived at Pangandaran beach. There we are at the enterance to beach. After we parked the car, we went for a walk along seashore. There weren’t so many tourist because it was the fasting days.


Friday, 29th Oct 2004 at 09.50’

We decided to cross the sea by boat to go to Pasir Putih beach. On the way to Pasir Putih beach, we can see a sea-garden. It is only 100 m close to the beach. We can see some corals, sea anemone, and some small fish in there. It will be more beautiful when the sun shines brightly.





Friday, 29th Oct 2004 at 10.00-11.00’

We were at Pasir Putih beach. Vina and Ranny looked for some sea-shells and corals. Othe and Erline were playing in the water, while the teachers were just sitting down under tree.

There were so many wild monkeys at the beach and we had funny experience with one of them. When Mr. Handy walked with plastic bag in his hand, a big monkey came to him and robbed the bag. Mr. Handy defended the bag, but the monkey was very aggressive. After a couple minutes, Mr. Handy was attacked by Monkey!!


Friday, 29th Oct 2004 at 11.25’

We took a walk to Pantai Timur. It is the beach where we can see the sunrise and where the fisherman cath fish. Around the beach we can find so many souvenir shops. They sell ‘batik’ clothes, sarongs, assecories and decorations made of sea-shells. If you want to stay in there, you will find some representative hotels and cottages. The rate is variated, from the cheap to expensive ones depends on the facilities.


Friday, 29th Oct 2004 at 11.45’

Before We went home, the drivers told us that we had to visit ‘Batu Hiu’. It is about 10 Kms west from Pangandaran beach. With our pleasure!! So he drove us there. What amazing beach it is! We stood a huge rock above the sea. We could see the wave rush to the shore. It’s so beautiful place to visit. We spend about 25 minutes, there doing nothing but watching the sea.


Friday, 29th Oct 2004 at 12.15’

We left Pangandaran to go home. It was a nice tour and we felt satisfied. That’s our journey. It was not the first time for us to go to Pangandaran, but it was for Stanley, our flat boy.

It is very nice to intoduce you the interesting tourist objects surround our home town.

See you next time, Bye.....!!



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