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The history behind the Barongko cookie

The word “barongko” comes from Bugineese phrase, “buana naroko” it means, the leaf that cover its own fruit. This reflects the characteristic of barongko which is the only one cookie that made with this way (the leaf that cover its own fruits).


Barongko is a traditional dessert from south-celebes, made from banana fruit as the main ingredients. Because we know that south-celebes is one of the biggest banana producers. Barongko is one of the luxurious traditional desserts. In the past, barongko only served for the kings in south-celebes and also served in the special agenda, such as wedding party, birth celebration, etc.


There is a philosophy behind the made of barongko. Like we know, barongko made from bananas and it covered by banana leaf. It symbolizes that how the Bugineese people reception their guess, is the same thing with how they feel. That is pleasure and sincerity of this people.


Well, I hope that you enjoy my “barongko”. But I’ll be so glad if you interested to come here, in my country. Feel the luxurious of barongko and the pleasure and sincerity of Bugineese people. Okay, see you next…


How to cook BARONGKO



Bananas without its middle 500 grams

Eggs 7 grains

Cane sugar 250 grams

Coconut milk 1000 cc

  1. Peel the bananas, throw its middle and weigh it.

  2. Blend the bananas and coconut milk, add the eggs and cane sugar until spread and then put it in a basin.

  3. Fold banana leaf as a dish (fold it like in the picture), then put the dough in it. Close the top with a pitting.

  4. Steam in 30 minutes