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Flat Kuda Lumping

Hi, I am Andi Dwi, a student of 5 Senior High School, Bandung, West Java,  Indonesia. My father comes from Makasar, South Sulawesi. Do you know where Sulawesi is? It is one of the biggest islands in Indonesia. Sulawesi was known as Celebes where the third president of our country, B.J. Habibie, comes from and now our Vice President, M  Jusuf Kalla,  is also one of the popilar leader of South Sulawesi.

Last holiday, Flat Kuda Lumping and My Family went to South Sulawesi to visit my Grand parents. This picture, was taken from the window of my Hotel, where we can see the beautiful Losari Beach in Makasar. Makasar is a capital of South Sulawesi

 Fort Rotterdam is one of the historical building in Makasar. It is located not far from Losari Beach. When the era of President Suharto, Makasar was called Ujung Pandang. Look! Our Flat Kuda Lumping is enjoying  his visit to Makasar.

Behind us, my mother, my sister,  Flat Kuda Lumping is standing under the sculpture of Pangeran Diponegoro who is riding his famous white horse. Pangeran Diponegoro is one of our National Heroes who was exiled to South Sulawesi by The Dutch Government, and his famous white horse

This is the inside look of Fort Rotterdam. Here we can see the beautiful old Dutch Buildings

Our Flat is climbing a tree to watch the grave of Pangeran Diponegoro. Here, the family of our hero were buried. They are his wife, his brother and his children. It is located in the center of the city, Makasar.


It is a traditional house from South Sulawesi. It looks so different from one in Java

Sultan Hasanudin is a National Hero from South Sulawesi. You cannot enter the grave yard without any permit from the local Government. Flat Kuda Lumping cannot get inside because we have to go back to Bandung soon. So we have no time to get license.

The people from South Sulawesi are religious people. We can find mosques easily every where we go. This is the oldest mosque in South Sulawasi. It is located in Makasar. It was built in 1603. This mosque  was renovated in 1981 by government.

This is a room where Pangeran Diponegoro was put in jail until he died. The place is a part of Fort  Rotterdam. Every body who go inside the building, can see this room. Pangeran Diponegoro  is a national hero who came from Central Java. The Dutch Government exiled him and his family, his follower to South Sulawesi  

Flat Kuda Lumping is visiting the Kings Grave. What you see is the grave of Gowa King, who led Gowa Kindom long time ago. He was famous for his braveness in fighting against the enemies.


Bira Beach is located in south East of Maksar. It is about six hours from Makasar. The beach is beautiful with white sandy.

That all are the report of our Flat visit to South Sulawesi. I hope if you visit our country, Indonesia, don't forget to go to South Sulawesi. Because there are lot of interesting places there.

Composed by : Andi Dwi from SMA N 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. (5 Senior High School Bandung)