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The Wonderful Journey With

Miss Flat Angela


Hello!! Let us introduce ourselves & of course our lovely Miss Flat Stanley. We are from Bandung (West Java, Indonesia). We are studying in Saint Angela High School grade 10. We are Angie (16 years old), Linda (17 years old), Celly (16 years old), & Sorta (15 years old). We are classmates.

One Month ago, we try to make this lovely flat girl, we called it Miss Flat Angela. Miss Flat Stanley has curly hair, black eyes. Miss Flat Stanley always go everywhere with pinky shirt, flowery skirt, & also with cute shawl in her neck. What a lovely girl!

Well, these are our photographs in our cool school… Take a look!!   


AnGie X-1 / 02 LiNda X-1 / 23



CeLLy X-1 / 27 SoRta X-1 / 35


Angie Celly Sorta Linda

Oh NO!! Sorta want to hit our Miss Flat Angela!!


In Traditional Market


Now, we want to go somewhere with Ms. Flat Angela. Come on, follow us!! And here we are. We are in a traditional market called “Pasar Cihapit”. In this place, we can get cheaper food than supermarket & we can bargain what we want to buy. This place does not only provide food (like rice, meats, eggs, chickens, & fruits), but also cooks equipment, cooking spices.


Just look at these photos!!

In front of the Traditional Market

In the Traditional Market



Pasar Cihapit

Look! Everybody is looking at Miss Flat Stanley, isn’t it?


This is Mr. Bajuri; he’s weighing the meats

Traditional spices



potatoes, pineapples, & avocadoes

Fresh Fruits


Proudly Present: Miss Flat Stanley





Angie, Sorta, Celly, & Linda


That’s our entire story with Miss Flat Stanley

We are tired but, we really enjoyd the day


See you!