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Flat Angela




On November 5, 2005, Flat Angela was in Gedung Sate. Its location is in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Gedung Sate is one of many historical buildings in Bandung. Right now, Gedung Sate is West Java Governor office. Gedung Sate is also used as museum of stamp.


Gedung Sate at Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Indonesia


The building is called Gedung Sate because there is something like ‘satay’ on the top of the building. So more and more people in Bandung call it ‘Gedung Sate’.




Flat Angela: Hellooo… I am at the behind of Gedung Sate now. There is a great, beautiful, and may be the biggest garden in the central of Bandung city. Hey… look at the top!!! What is that?!! It looks like ‘satay’, isn’t it?



This is a Monument of Gedung Sate. There were seven heroes died in Gedung sate. They were Suhodo, Didi, Muchtaruddin, Rana, Subengat, Surjono, and Susilo. They died in a war in 1945 in order to defend Bandung and Gedung Sate from Gurkha’s aggression. In 1952, the corpses of Suhodo, Didi, and Muchtaruddin were found. They were buried in ‘Taman Makam Pahlawan’. However, the other four heroes are still rest in Gedung Sate until now.



Agung Marcell Ricky Nafisi Raynald

Ricky: PEACE!

in Gedung Sate Garden Agung: Good morning, Flat Angela!

Nafisi: Am I pretty?



Hiiiiii…..Looks creeeepy….

Flat Angela in action at Gedung Sate Hall